Fat People Problems: HoHo vs Swiss Cake Roll

Nothing makes me more upset then when I am at someones home and they offer me a HoHo and I am given a Swiss Cake Roll. People try to tell me that there isn’t a difference between the two, but trust a fat guy on this, there are 3 main differences.

  1. The first begins with the packaging, the HoHo’s come individually wrapped, which is very convenient because the Swiss Cake Rolls come as two packaged together. When taking them out of the package you’re going to take some chocolate from one with you every time.
  2. The second difference is the chocolate. The HoHo chocolate is firm and does not get smushed in the package. Swiss cake rolls chocolate is very delicate and crumbles off the roll very easily.
  3. The third but most important is the filling. HoHo’s have a light cream filling that is exclusive to the Ho-Ho. Swiss Cake Roll’s filling is very fluffy and does not go well with the chocolate, Not to mention that Little Debbie uses the same filling in all their treats. So next time you pick up a box of Swiss Cake Rolls, know that you should put them down and grab the Hostess HoHo’s for the true delicious chocolate roll.

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