Halloween Movie Costumes For Women

Are you looking for an awesome Halloween costume? These costumes are easy to put together, and if you don’t own the items already, check out the links where you can buy the parts you’re missing.

– Windbreaker jacket: http://goo.gl/UUV7mI
– Brown cargo pants: http://goo.gl/j0p1q4
– Brown combat boots: http://goo.gl/F7u7Tz
– Mockingjay pin: http://goo.gl/Emf4Zi
– A bow and arrow: http://goo.gl/VUsnvr
– Pita Bread: http://goo.gl/ktuA0K
– Wetsuit: http://goo.gl/0tKmQh
– Spray Paint: http://goo.gl/8E5VVd

– Women’s blazer: http://goo.gl/2MUXSs
– A plaid skirt: http://goo.gl/FrqWGv
– Knee-high socks: http://goo.gl/HgBi9c
– Pager: http://goo.gl/cPDY0G

– Orange wig: http://goo.gl/VwWqqX
– White bikini: http://goo.gl/n9CmVG
– Adhesive tape: http://goo.gl/icH5R2

Hit Girl
– Purple spray paint: http://goo.gl/OYKEE7
– A short purple wig: http://goo.gl/mHdff7
– Purple fabric: http://goo.gl/Ywpd5q
– Leather jacket: http://goo.gl/aQGK0m
– Gloves: http://goo.gl/DdnSW8
– Plaid skirt: http://goo.gl/4RjgZg
– Leggings: http://goo.gl/43TMIA
– Lace up boots: http://goo.gl/9DdLcK
– Hunting spear: http://goo.gl/WcKgNp


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