Is Prince Fielder Worth The Money?

Being a Brewers fan my entire life, I have had the opportunity to watch Prince closely for his entire MLB career. Lets state the obvious, Prince is a big guy. However, Prince has shown that he is durable and can play everyday and also wants to play everyday. Prince has all the ability you would want in a cornerstone of a franchise, he can hit for power, he can hit for average, he gets on base and his defense is improving.

If I was going to sign one of the two between Prince and Albert my money would have been with Prince. As of right now, and going forward, Prince is the better hitter, he’s younger and more durable. Albert, however, is one of the better fielding First Baseman in the league, but lets be honest you aren’t shelling out that kind of money based on their fielding percentage.

Prince will likely be batting in the three hole for the Tigers, with Miguel Cabrera batting behind him. Watch for Prince to have his best statistical season of his career. He has never had this kind of protection behind him, he has always been the protection for Ryan Braun. Prince will definitely take advantage of the protection he’ll be getting from Miggy. I like the deal because you can move Cabrera back to third base and when Victor Martinez comes back in 2013 you have a 3-4-5 of Prince, Cabrera and Martinez. Sounds like the best 3-4-5 I’ve seen in awhile.

The biggest question mark about this deal is the length,  9 years?? I think Prince has 6 more years of being an elite player, after that, watch for his body size start to catch up to him. The first thing to go will be his legs from carrying all that weight all these years. He’ll still be able to power some balls out of the park but he won’t be the player the Tigers are signing now in 7 years. They will regret having him in the last 3 years of the contract. With that said, Prince is a talent that doesn’t come around too often. If you feel like hes going to give you a chance to win now, I can see why the Tigers would be okay with eating the last 3 years of the contract to benefit from the first 6 years.

From a Brewers fan perspective, I wish Prince all the best luck in the world. He was a stand up guy in Milwaukee and was the catalyst for a team that had made two playoff appearances in 4 years, after having a 25 years drought. Once again thank you Prince, for the memories. Best of luck in Detroit. Enjoy the blasts Tigers fans!

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