These Notes Left by Roomates Will Make Your Passive Aggressive Senses Tingle!

Living with roommates can be fun, but a lot of people just can’t handle the issue that come up when you live with a roommate. From dirty dishes, to bad hygiene to hogging the TV, there is a million reasons why living with a roommate can be hell for a lot of people. Living with your friends can especially be dangerous as many friendships have ended after moving in together. Once you are both completely sick of each others bad habits, sometimes it then gets really awkward and you try to avoid each other at all costs. That is when the ever lovely note comes into the picture. Sometimes leaving a note is the only communication tool you can stomach to get a message across to your roommate. Luckily for us, people now like to take photos of them and share them for our enjoyment!

Courtesy of: Passive Aggressive Notes


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