The Top 10 Biggest Casino Losers

I’m not going to lie, I’ve definitely goofed around a little bit in the casino. I lost about $40 which ticked me off but I couldn’t even complain after I read about these guys. Granted, most of these fantastically terrible gamblers were already rich before they ever set foot in a casino, but it’s truly eye-watering how much money someone would be willing to put on a single hand of blackjack or a spin of roulette.

10.) The Fastest Loser

A media tycoon by the name of Robert Maxwell lost around $2 million dollars in about one minute at a casino called the Ambassadeurs in England. He was playing multiple roulette wheels at once and apparently couldn’t catch a break on any of his big bets. To make matters worse, his giant publishing company ended up collapsing several years later and his two sons were left with little to work with.

9.) The Stingy Millionaire

Joe Francis

A multi-millionaire by the name of Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild) lost a little over $2 million at the casino of the Wynn Hotel. The funny thing is, he decided not to pay up. The casino ended up suing him which made his loss a lot more difficult to hide which was something he had been attempting to do. Although the casino did decide to offer him a discount on the lost money, they never said it was a 100% discount!

8.) The Syrian Regular

A casino loser named Faoud-al-Zayat started out losing and continued to lose which is a rarer path. He started out losing about £500,000 and then he started playing even more often and became obsessed with the game of roulette. Eventually, his assets were ordered to be frozen when a UK court learned of the additional £2.5 million at a casino called the Aspinall. Nevertheless, he was known as a legendary gambler in all of London.

7.) The Snooker Player

Likeable pool player Jimmy White had earned a small fortune before he started playing poker and betting on horses. He still had some money left over in the end, but it’s estimated that he lost about £6 million in Europe. White also enjoyed casino blackjack and it’s rumored that he may have spent a large portion of his money on prostitutes as well.

6.) The Face Palm

A businessman in the car industry named Frank Sarakakis thought he was feeling lucky and decided that he might have an edge at the roulette table. Instead, he lost £10 million during a pretty short span of time and many times was spotted doubling up his bets to try to make back lost money. His favorite casinos were the Crockfords of London and the Ritz.

5.) The Japanese Bad Boy

Akio Kashiwagi is known as one of the biggest gamblers of all time. He was a property developer in his normal life and a high-stakes baccarat player by night. In one misfortunate stint, Akio actually ended up setting a world record for the biggest single-session loss in baccarat. He lost a total of roughly $10.5 million at the Trump casino. It’s uncertain whether he is in the green or in the red overall.

4.) The Australian Packer

Imagine someone walking into a casino, losing £15 million on a few roulette spins, and then walking back out. This is exactly what the media tycoon by the name of Kerry Packer did at a casino in London. I guess he just knew when to quit and decided he could only afford to lose a certain amount. He also once held the biggest losing streak in the history of UK casinos after blowing another £15 million during three weeks.

3.) The Underdog

Legendary casino gambler Archie Karas arrived in Vegas with only about $60. Believe it or not, he ended up winning around $30 million by playing dice, baccarat, pool, and even a little poker. The professional players feared him because he played for incredibly high stakes and seemed to always have some luck on his side. Unfortunately though, his luck ran out and he ended up losing it all after going on a particularly bad down-swing while sometimes betting around a million dollars a pop.

2.) The Electronics Guy

Omar Siddiqui was a well-paid executive at a company that handled electronics. Unfortunately, he ended up becoming a major gambler and first won a bunch, but then he ended up losing a total of $65 million. At one point in time he was betting $200,000 per hand on blackjack, a choice that no one quite understands. It was later discovered that much of his money that was initially used was made via a skimming fraud and Omar ended up facing 40 years of prison time.

1.) The Drunken Chinaman

A guy by the name of Terry Watanabe became a well-known casino wale at Caesar’s palace after losing $120 million in 2007 and an estimated total of $200 million overall. When the businessman would sit down for a game, dozens of tourists would get word and flock to him from miles away just to watch his action at the tables. There has been much dispute over the matter because Watanabe claims that the casino continuously provided him with pain medications and liquor as a plan to keep him gambling.


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