Put Childish Clothes Aside… Dress Like A Man.

It just hit you; we are not that young anymore. The hangovers are becoming more severe and harder to get rid of. Not to mention the fact that you and your friends are now the creepy old dudes at your local college bar. All of a sudden we have bills to pay and we are either searching for our first “real” job or even worse, we’re working it.

We are in that between stage. That grey area that no one ever told you was coming. And if you’re anything like me, you recently looked into your closet and realized that you do not like anything in there. Just yesterday it was cool to go to PacSun and pick up whatever loud-ass graphic t-shirt was there and wear it that same night to whatever stale beer smelling basement you were planning on partying at. But like I said, those days are done.

Unfortunately we have to start dressing the part. We as young men have to start looking clean and capable. We can’t look like we are going to the Up In Smoke Tour. So what do we do? It’s not like we’re rich and have the capability to throw everything out and start all over. The answer is, start simple.

Go look at your clothes and think to yourself, “I need to buy the exact opposite of all the shit in here.” Simple is key these days, and it’s also age appropriate. Stay away from logos and branding. Flashy is dead. Now I am not saying you can’t have your own style or that we all need to look boring and all the same. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t look like you are about to enter the X-Games as a freestyle motocross rider.

Ditch the flat brimmed New Era (especially if you got it rocked back and cocked to the side), and head over to Target. That’s right I said it, TARGET! Target has an exceptional collection of nice fitting plan shirts that make you look real good. The best part is you can walk in there, drop $50, and walk out with eight new shirts. Just don’t dry them, those bastards shrink something fierce. Remember, be simple. I recommend the Henley’s (the kind of shirt Dexter wears when he’s doing his killing), they look good and women love them.

After you pick up some shirts at Target, walk down to the Gap, and pick yourself up some nice new, grownup jeans. Wait until they have a sale though, otherwise it can be a little pricey. You really only need three pairs of jeans in your life; dark, medium, and light. Dark jeans are always good for business casual or a nice night out on the town. The medium and light jeans are your play jeans. You can wear them with a t-shirt, a jersey, or your new Henley from Target.

As far as accessories are concerned, do what you feel looks good. Accessories can make or break an outfit so be careful. Get a good watch or a cool bracelet and you’re set. Just don’t get a watch that T-Pain would wear or a bracelet that Johnny Depp would wear and you’ll be good, you’re not a Hollywood actor or a rapper, don’t try to be.

Shoes are easy. I suggest you get a pair of dark red dress shoes because they go with khakis, black dress pants, and jeans. They are very versatile and they really adapt to whatever you are wearing. For day-to-day use I suggest a pair of boots. I started wearing Eastland boots this year and I get a lot of complements. They look manly as hell and go with just about everything. Sneakers have their place, but you have to realize that you should be wearing them less and less. Try and reserve sneaker time for the gym or when you know you have a lot of walking to do. Please for the love of God, stop wearing basketball shoes as everyday footwear…we are not in the seventh grade anymore. I don’t care about your new Jordan’s.

I know it’s tough to hear but we aren’t sitting around playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater anymore. It’s time we grow up and start acting like manly men. Men that start fires and build houses with their bare hands. The first step to being a man is to look like a man. Just keep it stupidly simple and you’ll be just fine. Stay away from the PacSun’s, the Hollister’s, and the Abercrombie’s and embrace the plain. Less is more gentleman.


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